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President's update - Grow your capacity

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It is with joy that I hand over the presidency to a powerful leader as Candy. Backed by a group of dedicated individuals I am sure they will take the association to even higher heights.

In the last year, I had the privilege of representing the association at the GSA convention in Austria and build strong alliances with the GSA. This has lead into the associations agreeing on a mentoring partnership that would result in both mentoring, coaching and financial support. I cannot wait to see how this will help out members in growing in the next 5 years and then passing the gift given to the next group of upcoming speakers within and outside of Namibian boarders. I will continue as the liaison officer between the two associations. 

We also had the privilege to put in a tender for the GSS2020 which is referred to as the world cup of speakers. Because of high levels of dedication in the hand of Brendan and his team we won the bid and are able to look forward to hosting this prestigious event on 2020. There should then be at least 250 international speakers convening in Swakopmund and I cannot wait to join you all in welcoming our guests and growing in the process.

I was also privileged to be representing PSAN on the GSF board which is an amazing experience to see how an international team is able to perform in unity. Here also the opportunity to be able to interact with individuals that perform at the highest level.

Please remember in the years to come PSAN makes it possible for you to grow your capacity as a speaker, but you will only experience this to its maximum potential when you become part of as many activities as possible. I hope to see you all rallying behind Candy and her exco group to take PSAN to places we have not even dreamed of yet.

Your immediate past Presiden,
Siegfried Lange 
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