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President's Update - Let’s go light a fire

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The spoken word has been a powerful means of communication since the beginning of the world, and through the sands of time, the mankind has witnessed ageless speeches by historical figures that transcended beyond their time and that brought about transformative change on a global scale. Since the age of telling stories around the campfire, and now in our modern, digital world, oratory skills and the ability to present ideas and engage an audience, in whatever field or industry or whatever the platform, has never been more crucial.

PSAN was founded to help its members achieve excellence in their careers as professional speakers, and to uphold and maintain the highest standards of professional speaking to the benefit of its members. With the bold step of establishing a professional speaking community in Namibia, we are laying the foundation and providing a platform for our Namibian Speakers to advance their oratory skills and receive the recognition they deserve.

Namibia has talented speakers with phenomenal stories and ideas which the international community can benefit from. Public speaking in Namibia has evolved over the years and continues to take on an interesting shape. Through a body such as PSAN, our aim is to grow a community of speaking professionals in Namibia and improve the standard of professional speaking in the country. Through our chapter meetings, workshops and conferences, we strive to enlighten and develop our members on how to be the best speakers they can be, and how they can take it a step further and build a business from any form of professional speaking.

Now, as is customary to professional speaking associations around the world, each year we introduce a new theme which serves as the central focus for that year’s narrative, and PSAN is no exception. Our themes are the golden thread that weaves and connect our members and speakers from all over the world to one another through the spoken word. Over the past year, through the AUTHENTIC theme, we’ve learned a great deal about the importance of being true to one’s self, and the importance of honesty and integrity in the speaking profession and life in general. Each  speaker, local and international, that graced our stages in the last year had something valuable to say, and each managed present their ideas authentically in their own unique way. The power of authenticity will most certainly continue to serve us well in life, our businesses and of course, the stage.

As the new President of PSAN for the 2018 / 2019 year, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce this year’s theme, which is IGNITE. The idea behind IGNITE is simple: it’s to set alight or to cause to catch fire. And that’s precisely what we intend for PSAN and our members. Having found their AUTHENTIC voices, we wish for our members to find and fan their flames and IGNITE change. We believe that a single spark can change a perspective, start a movement, and change our society and the world. And we hope to achieve all that through our exciting events and activities that we have lined up over the course of the year, notably, chapter meetings, workshops and conferences. This also speaks to our efforts to increase our membership numbers, to deepen our member engagement and their experience with PSAN, and to broaden our impact in Namibia.

I look forward to a phenomenal year, serving and working alongside the PSAN Board and our members, to set the nstage ablaze, in preparation for the monumental Global Speakers Summit 2020. The GSS 2020 is the biggest gathering of public speakers in the world and will be hosted right here on our shores, and we have a monumental task ahead of us to make it count! In an ever increasingly dynamic and complex society, with the whole world seated at our campfire, there has never been a more opportune time to fully immerse ourselves in the ancient art of public speaking and to be part of an oratory-based community of professional speakers.

Strike a match. Let’s go light a fire.

Candy Ngula,
PSAN President
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